Donate Milk

Donate milk to Mothers Milk Bank Charity and help infants receive vital nutrition for healthy growth.

It’s a safe, convenient, and rewarding process that empowers parents and makes a positive impact on babies’ lives.

Join us in contributing to the health and well-being of the smallest members of our community!

Becoming a donor

If you have decided to breastfeed your baby, you will know that breastmilk is the ideal food for all infants and is especially important for babies who are sick or premature.

Breastmilk increases their chances of survival for these infants and assists in their long-term physical and neurological development.

For a variety of reasons, some mothers with the desire and will to breastfeed cannot do so. They may be too unwell or under too much stress to produce enough milk. In the absence of their own milk, donor mothers’ milk is the next best source of food for their baby.

We accept donor milk from breastfeeding mothers. Stored frozen breastmilk stored in sterile bottles/milk bags that have been expressed within the last 6 months is accepted for donation.

Can any breastfeeding mother become a milk donor?

Although your milk is perfect for your child, extra care needs to be taken when distributing donor milk to sick and premature infants.

Before Mothers Milk Bank Charity can accept your donated breastmilk, we need to ask you a number of questions about your general health and lifestyle.

This screening process is similar to that of blood donors. You will be asked questions about your medical history, any medical conditions and/or lifestyle choices that may make you ineligible to donate.

Steps to Donate Milk

Step 1
Step 2
Screening blood tests

Contact your doctor to arrange for a pathology form for the following screening blood tests:
• Hep B
• Hep C
• Syphilis
• HTLV 1 & 2

Step 3

Please inform your doctor that you will need a copy of your results sent to you as you will need to pass them on to us.

Step 4
Send to us
Once you have your results, please forward them to:
Step 5
MMBC review

Our medical team will review the results, along with your registration form.

Once given the all clear, you will be allocated a Donor ID number, and we will let you know that you have been cleared & ready for donation.

Step 6

Volumes less than 5 litres can be dropped off at various hubs across the country.

We require a minimum of 5 litres before we can arrange collection (address dependant), when you are ready, please send an email to

We will either allocate a local Mothers Milk Bank Coordinator to arrange a suitable time to collect (address dependant) or receive your donor milk.

Existing Donors: Collection/Drop-off of expressed breast milk
(a minimum of 5 litres is required)

• Please ensure that your breastmilk is collected in recognised breastmilk storage bags (not Ziplock bags).

• If possible, fill your storage bags to the top line of the bag or bottle (no greater). This reduces the chance of the bags splitting or leaking.

• Please write your surname and the date you expressed the breastmilk onto each bag.

• Your expressed donor milk must be immediately stored in the back part of your refrigerator (for up to 3 days) or preferably in the back part of your freezer (for up to 6 months). The back is the coldest part of your refrigerator/freezer.

• All these measures help us immensely when we receive and process your donated milk.

Collection Form
Mothers Milk Bank Charity is unable to accept from the following donors:

• Smokers

• Illegal drugs or other substances users

• If you routinely consume more than 2 standard alcoholic drinks per day

• If you routinely consume 3 cups of coffee, other caffeine or stimulant-containing drinks per day.(i.e., Cola, Energy Drinks, hot chocolate, etc)

• HIV, Hep B or C, HTLV 1 or 2, or Syphilis positive persons

• Those who have had a Tattoo/s within 6 months