Needing Breast Milk?

We have donor breast milk available for any age baby or young child regardless of your situation.

There are many situations and reasons why you may not be able to breastfeed or provide breast milk for your baby temporarily or perhaps longer.

Whatever the reason, one of our health professionals is always on hand to help you.

This includes: providing advice to support you with breastfeeding while you supplement your supply with some donor milk; providing advice about how much donor milk you require if breastfeeding is not an option.

Importantly, we can give you peace of mind knowing you will have a supply of breast milk for your baby as and when you need it.

Breast milk contains a rich array of nutrients for optimal health and seeds and develops your baby’s gut microbiome with good bacteria until it is fully developed. The bacteria help to lower the risk of asthma, obesity, allergies, dermatitis, inflammatory bowel diseases and neurodevelopmental conditions.

Did you know that?

Breast Milk is the perfect food and optimal nutrition for all infants, newborn and especially premature babies.
Over 40,000 babies have adverse reactions to infant formula each year.
When a mother, parent or carer cannot breastfeed or breast milk is not available for any reason, donor breast milk from Mothers’ Milk Bank is the best and safest next option.

Receiving donor breast milk from Mothers Milk Bank Charity is easily and readily accessible. All contributions are claimable as a tax deductible contribution to a charity.

Give your baby the best nutrition and protect the gut microbiome with safe, screened pasteurised donor milk from Mothers’ Milk Bank Charity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. How will I know if I’ll have enough breast milk when I start breastfeeding?

While you probably will, just in case there are some physical or health issues related to you breastfeeding, having some donor milk on hand gives you peace of mind, and it can always be used and will never be wasted.

Nearly 1 in 2 new mothers experience some difficulty with breast milk supply in the first week of their newborn’s life. The secret is to have supplemental breast milk on hand to avoid the use of infant formula and the potential for an adverse reaction to it. Our 5 pack of Bridging Milk (™) is just what you need for peace of mind as you establish your own milk supply.

If breastfeeding or breast milk is not available, our 5 pack of Bridging Milk (™) is a brilliant start for your newborn baby.

2. How much milk does a baby need per feed.

The volume of milk your baby needs per feed is based on the weight of your baby X 150 & divided by the number of feeds in 24 hours to give an approximate volume you will need for each feed. For example a baby weighing 3kg x 150 = 450 millilitres divided by 8 feeds = 56 mls .The volume of milk required naturally increases as the baby grows.

3. How safe is the milk you provide?

Mothers’ Milk Bank asks donors to complete a form regarding their medications, lifestyle choices & requests the following blood tests all of which is checked by your doctor as well as a Mothers’ Milk Bank midwife.The blood tests: HIV, Hepatitis B&C, HTLV, CMV, Syphilis.

The milk is tested before and after heat pasteurization by an independent pathology company.

4. Where do you deliver breast milk in Australia?

We can deliver milk in all metropolitan areas and regionally where serviced by Qantas freight. But always call 1300 259 763 and ask us. We always explore every possibility.

5. Can I give breast milk and formula to my baby?

There are many ways you can feed your baby and midwives at Mothers’ Milk Bank can help with specific questions about how you choose to feed your baby.

6. How many feeds do I get per pack of your milk?

Each Bridging Milk(™) pack contains 5 frozen bottles each of 100ml. This is usually enough to replace or supplement your breast milk supply in the first week after birth.

When you fill the form in requesting milk, our midwives and lactation consultants will assist you work out what you need.

“I really was anxious about my upcoming birth as the first time around my milk was slow to come in. So for under $200 I ordered the Bridging Milk(™) and bingo while my milk was low, I used the Bridging Milk(™) to supplement my supply and as I was advised my milk arrived on Day 3. The whole process was quick and easy and In would highly recommend it to any soon to be Mums.”

Samantha, Tweed Heads