1 Litre Freeze-Dried PDHM (10x 100ml Sachets)

Freeze-dried breast milk offers the nutritional benefits of breast milk in a powdered form. The pasteurised breast milk undergoes a sublimation process that gently eliminates the water content, transforming the frozen milk into a shelf-stable powder that lasts for three years. The milk retains all its nutrients and does not require refrigeration. Simply reconstitute each sachet by mixing the powder with 90ml of warm, cooled-boiled or purified water. For more information on how to reconstitute the powder, please refer to this guide.

Click here to access research reports on freeze drying of breast milk.

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Freeze-drying eliminates the need for shipping frozen breast milk using cold chain logistics services, offering convenience with a 3-year shelf life, no refrigeration requirement, and retention of all nutrients. Freeze-drying does however add an extra step to the production process.

Our donor milk gives you peace of mind and to cover you until your own breast milk is established.

Human milk provides optimal nutrition, promotes normal growth and development, and reduces the risk of illness and disease. The unique composition of human milk, which includes nutrients, enzymes, growth factors, hormones and immunologic and anti-inflammatory properties, has not been duplicated.


Product Description

Donor milk is sourced from mums all over Australia. Once the donor passes an initial assessment and their blood tests are clear, Mothers Milk Bank Charity then makes an arrangement to acquire the milk and freight it in cold-chain to the Brisbane airport where it is collected and taken to our facility. At the facility, the milk is quality checked, weighed, tagged and then stored in a commercial freezer. The milk is then removed from the freezer, dosed into 100ml bottles, pasteurised and then freeze-dried. Pre and post-pasteurisation samples undergo external microbial testing before being made available for consumption.

Note: The milk itself is not charged; the displayed price covers the cost for Mothers Milk Bank to collect, cold-freight, pasteurise, freeze-dry, package, test and distribute PDHM (pasteurised donor human milk).

Mothers Milk Bank does not receive any government funding and relies on private contributions. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have been able to subsidise our donor milk for a limited time. Please note that this subsidy will only be in place until our funding runs out. If you would like to contribute to our fundraising, you can do so here.

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