Help More Families Access Life Changing Donor Milk

The demand for donated breastmilk is high. You can give a lifeline to a baby by making a contribution to this appeal. Thank you from all of us and from the babies and families we support through Mothers Milk Bank Charity.


It takes love, compassion, technical knowledge and skill to make this a reality – from our incredible milk donors to our amazing volunteer coordinators, brilliant healthcare professionals and wonderful supporters like you!

We all know just how important breastmilk is to a baby. Breastmilk is the only food made specifically for humans and the only appropriate one for infants under 6 months. It provides nourishment and active health protection against disease and food intolerance, amongst the most frequent of which are breastmilk substitutes (‘infant formula’).

With this in mind, in 2009, we established Mothers Milk Bank Charity (MMBC).

We are a registered charity (NFP) and Australia’s only community milk bank and we provide tested pasteurised donor human milk from screened donor mothers for all babies and infants when mum’s own breastmilk is not available.

We also provide education and support whenever possible to help mothers breastfeed, initiate and maintain their own milk supply.

Breastmilk demand

The demand for breastmilk remains consistently high, driven by its unparalleled nutritional and immunological benefits for infants, particularly premature and medically fragile babies. This demand underscores the vital role of milk banks and donor programs in ensuring that all infants, regardless of circumstances, have access to this precious resource for their optimal growth and development.

In the vast majority of breastmilk recipients in Australia, one or more of the reasons for needing it may apply, highlighting the incredible versatility and importance of this natural nourishment.

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The demand for donated breastmilk is high. Some of the reasons that babies may require donor milk are:

  • Intolerance to formula
  • Premature babies
  • Very low birth weight
  • Gestational Diabetes (delay in milk coming in and potentially insufficient supply)
  • Delayed or low supply of breastmilk
  • Reduce the incidence of Necrotising Enterocolitis
  • Breast surgery: mastectomy for cancer; reduction or augmentation
  • Mothers undergoing medical treatments and taking medications incompatible with breastfeeding: radiotherapy, chemotherapy.
  • Surrogacy, Foster Care, Adoption, Relactation


Additionally, breastmilk’s adaptability makes it a valuable resource during emergencies, such as natural disasters or pandemics, ensuring that infants receive essential sustenance when formula may not be readily available.

In essence, breastmilk’s ability to address diverse needs underscores its irreplaceable role in nurturing infants.

Donate to Mothers Milk Bank Charity

Processing costs

We are working as hard and as fast as we can to make sure every baby has access to donor milk, but we need your help! With your support, we can help even more babies.

Our current funding is ending so we are urgently seeking financial donations to bring down our processing costs* and keep our pasteurised donor milk the most affordable in Australia.

The encompassing nature of “processing costs” underscores the multifaceted effort required to make donor milk accessible and safe for infants in need.

*Processing costs include testing, shipping, pasteurising, record keeping, regulatory costs, equipment costs

It includes meticulous testing procedures to guarantee the milk’s purity and safety, the logistics of shipping to reach families across the country, and the vital pasteurisation process that ensures milk is free from harmful pathogens while preserving its essential nutrients.

In addition, there are the critical aspects of record keeping and regulatory compliance, which are fundamental in maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

Furthermore, equipment costs are an integral part of the equation, as specialised machinery is necessary to handle and process the milk with utmost precision and care.

Each component of these processing costs is essential to the mission of providing a lifeline to vulnerable babies and their families, reinforcing the importance of continued financial support in this endeavour.

Where your donation goes:

Financial donations to a mother’s milk bank charity go towards supporting various critical areas, including the safe collection, pasteurisation, and distribution of donated breastmilk to premature and medically fragile infants.

Additionally, these contributions help fund important research and education initiatives aimed at promoting breastfeeding and improving neonatal health outcomes.

It takes love, compassion, technical knowledge and skill to make this a reality – from our incredible milk donors to our amazing volunteer coordinators, brilliant healthcare professionals and wonderful supporters like you!

Where your donation goes - MMBC

Consider the profound impact of your generosity as we break down how your donation can make a difference:

  • $10 subsidises a feed for a baby
  • $20 subsidises the cost of the bottles used for storing the milk
  • $50 covers the expenses for cold transportation delivery to a recipient
  • $100 subsidises a baby’s feed for an entire day
  • $200 could provide nourishment to a newborn for an entire week.


Your support doesn’t just stop at these figures; it extends to nourishing lives and fostering healthier beginnings. With each donation, you contribute to the well-being of precious infants who rely on the compassionate efforts of our community.

Donate to mmbc help - Mothers Milk Bank Charity

You can give a lifeline to a baby by making a contribution to this appeal.

In Australia, you have the remarkable opportunity to extend a helping hand to a newborn by contributing to this appeal. Your support goes beyond just financial value; it signifies hope, compassion, and the collective strength of a caring community uniting to safeguard our most vulnerable.

In a world often marked by challenges, this act of generosity serves as a reminder that small gestures can yield profound impacts as they ripple through the lives of these infants and their families.


The significance of your contribution is magnified when we consider the transformative power it holds. For many babies in need, your donation signifies access to crucial nutrition, specialised medical care, and the embrace of human kindness. It means that a premature infant striving for survival can receive the nourishment necessary for growth and development.It means that families facing adversity can find comfort in knowing that their little ones are not alone on their journey.

Your generosity doesn’t only change individual lives; it plays a pivotal role in building more compassionate and resilient communities. It fosters a sense of unity and shared responsibility, reminding us that we are all connected through our humanity.

So, when you choose to support this appeal, you’re not just giving a lifeline to a child; you’re also helping weave a tapestry of care and support that envelops us all. Your contribution is a testament to the incredible impact we can achieve when we unite for a common cause, and it serves as an inspiring example of the change we can create when we extend a helping hand to those in need. Help more families access life changing donor milk.

Thank you from all of us and from the babies and families we support.

Help More Families Access Life Changing Donor Milk

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