Thank You for registering to donate


Thank you for registering to donate your precious gift of breastmilk.

Vulnerable families are so appreciative that you are there to help their baby.

ONLY breast milk protects a baby from illness (viral or bacterial) or disease (Diabetes). ONLY one feed a day is needed. Babies who receive breast milk will be healthier!

Your donation is the milk of human kindness and you may be saving the life of another baby.

How special you are.

To donate we need your donor screened blood results. Please call your GP to order the blood test, they will bulk bill.

During Covid19 restrictions, If you wish to have the pathology person come to your home let your GP know as they can organise everything via the phone now.

Blood Tests For Milk Bank Donors

Ask your GP to bulk bill the blood test needed to donate & give you a copy of the results.

TEST : Heb B . Heb C.HIV. VDRL. HTLV 1 & 2. CMV

The donor is screened for HSV, the milk is pasteurised.

Please email your results to e:

or post to :

PO Box 806,
Banora Point 2486

As soon as we have the blood test results we will organise the courier who will collect any stored milk for donation and if donating going forward we will send you a donor kit.

You can just SMS us when ready for milk to be collected

You will receive a call before arrival when picking up milk donation.

The driver will SMS you on arrival for you to leave your milk donation outside your front door. The driver will then collect your milk.

If you have any further questions and would like to speak with us directly please call us on 0413 727 545

Marea Ryan | Founder Director | MMBC | RN, EM, IBCLC, BMIV, Patient Educator