Health Professionals

Are you a midwife?

We are looking for midwives to create a strong professional network to better support mothers’ breastfeed or provide breast milk to protect the health and lives of their newborn infants.

We would love to discuss how working with us can save and definitely improve the short and long term health of newborn infants.

Do you know another midwife who can help?

Fill out the ‘Connect With Us’ form and you will receive an email or phone call from our team that will let you know how you can connect mothers in need with our breast milk reserves.

Why we need helping finding donors.

Simply because the more donor breast milk we process the more families we can help!

​Maintaining milk volume means we can guarantee a supply of Donor Milk to:

  • families needing extra breast milk to supplement breastfeeding or breast milk supplies for whatever reason
  • to provide breast milk as the total optimal nutrition for the infant or young child in their care.

Contact Lynne our Director RN Endorsed Midwife, IBCLC Lactation Consultant MN (Ed) for any questions you may have at

Connect With Us

Sharing the aims of our team of health professionals.

We can tell you how our team of midwives, lactation consultants, and some of Australia’s top scientists, are working tirelessly to revolutionise the way breast milk banking is conducted throughout the world.



to significantly increase the equity of access to safe donor human milk for any mother, carer or family wanting donor human milk regardless of the situation for the infant or young child in their care.


to reverse Australia’s alarmingly low breastfeeding rates by enabling affordable access to our freeze-dried Human Milk which provides safe donor breast milk instead of formula for whatever reason, while a mother initiates and establishes her own milk supply.


to provide truly affordable alternatives to hospitals to replace all cow milk based formulations with our 100% pure Human Donor Milk.