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About Mothers Milk Bank…

Giving your baby the best start is a healthy start.

For a mother who is unable to supply sufficient breast milk to meet her baby’s needs, donated human milk is the next best option for her baby.

The Mothers Milk Bank Charity was established in 2009, to give parents the choice of donated, screened and pasteurised breast milk.

In a baby’s first 26 weeks of life, pasteurised donor human milk maybe an essential factor for a baby’s survival or to maintain your baby’s health.

The Mothers Milk Bank Charity collects, screens, pasteurises and distributes donated human milk to infants where a mother’s own milk is not available.

Support is given to mothers who encounter difficulties with lactation. Research shows pasteurised donor human milk protects your baby from infectious disease, especially vulnerable preterm babies and diabetes where there is a family history of diabetes. The complex nutrients in breast milk are unique and give your baby the best start. If your infant has an illness then pasteurised donor breast milk is the next best option if mother’s own milk is not available.

Breast milk is a perfectly balanced source of nutrition, containing active antibodies to fight infection. It is the most beneficial food for infants. Pasteurisation techniques and procedures followed at the Mothers Milk Bank Charity, ensure the nutritional content and benefits of donated breast milk are maintained throughout the milk testing and pasteurization process.

The Mothers Milk Bank Logo was created by Marea Ryan in 2005.

It symbolises two breasts empty of milk and two breast full of milk.
Mothers in the community helping each other in a time of need.

We are a non for profit charity so when you receive breastmilk from our shop or when using a voucher, you are paying for the processing only, the breastmilk itself is free. Any funds spent over $2 are completely tax deductible.


To provide families with the option of donor mothers’ milk when needed and to see babies exclusively receiving breastmilk from birth to six months of age.


To support the guidelines established by the WHO (World Health Organisation) and UNICEF, along with the Australian federal and state governments, which state that the nutritional needs of a baby are only fully met when given human milk in the first six months of life, and if a child continues to receive human milk along with the introduction of other foods until two years of age.


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The Mothers Milk Bank Charity is located at Airport Central, Bilinga, Qld, at the far southern end of the Gold Coast.